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Pawpaw Inspired by ON Nature

Newly planted pawpaw tree, Cambridge

Dear Editor, I wanted to share with you this pawpaw tree that my folks just planted, inspired by the ON Nature magazine feature, The Forgotten Fruit. Now they just need to plant a second one to get some fruit! – Jenna Cardoso, Cambridge

Butcher of the Alvar

Loggerhead shrike

Re: “Butcher of the Alvar“. I like how it reveals the vulnerability of all species by highlighting the personality and decline of one of Canada’s most ferocious songbirds, the eastern loggerhead shrike. If a carnivorous avian warrior who sings while impaling its prey on thorns can become endangered, then we should be concerned about the […]

Restoring Nature’s Health

machinery and human impact VS nature

I just read Victor Doyle’s opinion piece on “Restoring Nature’s Health Post-COVID” (page 38, ON Nature, Fall 2020) and found it important and revealing. I am former land use planner myself. Although a short piece, it’s clear that he has revealed what many of us either knew, or suspected – that the current COVID-19 crisis presents a “public distraction” […]

Biodiversity Offsets

Shorebird, wading bird and waterfowl diversity, Cranberry Marsh, September 2020

Reader responses to: “Novel business plan: Companies can earn their social licence to operate by creating new habitat.”   It’s a great idea, but not a fast-enough solution. It takes several years for a habitat to recover and become sustainable. Then there’s the time required for all the flora and fauna to return to normal. […]

Barn Swallows

Barn Swallows

Re: Nesting Instincts Dear ON Nature, We read with great interest the article on replacement nesting habitats for barn swallows. We were laughing out loud and shaking our heads at the arrogant hubris of those who would keep building structures that don’t work. Maybe they should have put up a sign (“Swallows Nest Here please”). […]

Seasons Magazine Summer 1993

Seasons Magazine Summer 1993

DEPARTMENTS 2 | President’s Page Expanding our view of protection. By John Cartwright 7 | Earth Watch Report on Niagara Escarpment plan seriously flawed; timber plan covets prime caribou habitat; wetlands policy already being challenged; how will huge timber cuts affect Quetico. 42 | Notes Final year of fieldwork for provisional Mammal Atlas; update on […]