Reader responses to: “Novel business plan: Companies can earn their social licence to operate by creating new habitat.”


It’s a great idea, but not a fast-enough solution. It takes several years for a habitat to recover and become sustainable. Then there’s the time required for all the flora and fauna to return to normal. With technology today and the abundance of abandoned open pit mines, why not force development of those?

– Joshua JJ Davis

They could be useful in situations where there really aren’t other options. But the corporations need to be held accountable for their end of the bargain.

– Kyla Zielbauer, London

So you are going to compare a wetland that may have been created over the last 10,000 years since the last ice age to a human constructed wetland made in what, a few months and you really do not think you do not lose something? Ministry Zoning Orders stripped protection for three significant wetlands in Vaughan as one example.

– Dave Winkle

Sounds like the same nonsense the Harris government came up with in the lands for life and their moveable parks.

–  Chelsea Burke