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Volunteer Salamander Surveys

Red-backed salamander

Re: “Volunteer Salamander Surveys” (Summer 2017). Teaching at a Forest and nature school, we often search for salamanders. On our last day of classes before being forced to close by government mandate, we found a red-backed salamander! That same week my husband and I found a vernal pool filled with several egg sacs at McCrae […]

Spring 2021

ON Nature magazine Table of Contents Spring 2021

38 | Last Word Ontario’s “Zombie Highway” (Highway 413) is Back. By Tim Gray 36 | Our Community   Voices of Ontario Nature members. By Chris Robinson, Ann Atkinson and Spencer Burton 35 |Our Member Groups  Fighting for Lake Simcoe. By Lisa Richardson ON Nature magazine is an award-winning quarterly that brings readers closer to nature […]

Red-backed Salamanders

Re: Urban Planet Hello, I enjoyed reading your Summer 2019 issue, particularly the article “Where are all the bugs?”. The loss of insect populations and diversity is a terrible threat, like climate change, that more people should be aware of and taking action on. On page 33 of “Urban Planet”, bottom of the middle column, […]

ON Nature Magazine Summer 2016

ON Nature Magazine Summer 2016

DEPARTMENTS 5 | This Issue Call of the wild. By Caroline Schultz 6 | Earth Watch Gains for a greener future; the health benefits of nature; counting salamanders; counting the Sydenham River Nature Reserve. 37 | Our Member Groups Membership has its rewards. 38 | Last Word Bolstering our environmental rights. By Anne Bell FEATURES […]

ON Nature Magazine Spring 2009

ON Nature Magazine Spring 2009

DEPARTMENTS 5 |  This IssueNature’s Economy: Building on our natural capital is a sound investment.By Caroline Schultz 8 | Earth WatchDangerously low calcium levels in boreal lakes trigger a break in the food chain; native wasps fend off non-native beetle infestations; the last road trip; where cars go to die. 36 | Bird WatchRed-headed Woodpecker—A […]