5 | This issue
Call of the wild.
By Caroline Schultz

6 | Earth Watch
Gains for a greener future; the health benefits of nature; counting salamanders; counting the Sydenham River Nature Reserve.

37 | Our Member Groups  
Membership has its rewards.

38 | Last Word
Bolstering our environmental rights.
By Anne Bell


On the cover
18 | Don’t Hate Me ’cause I’m Bountiful
Most campers and cottagers would welcome the extinction of black flies. Fact is, they are essential to preserving the wilderness we treasure. Here is why you should learn to love (or at least respect) the scourge of summer.
By Susan Grimbly

24 | Fabulous Father Figures
The male parents of some Ontario animal species deserve to be contenders for Father of the Year.
By Allan Britnell

30 | Paying Back Nature’s Losses
Biodiversity offsetting, which lets industry make up for habitat damage that its projects cause, is a controversial practice. But it holds promise as a way to reconcile the needs of nature and economy – as long as its done right.
By Conor Mihell

Photos © Paul Janosi, Don Johnston, Ron Erwin

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