4 | Earth Watch
Mining: sneaking up from behind; gyrfalcons: still up for grabs; rabies hotspots; swan control; the one that got away!; new plans for Ontario moose; foresters behind every tree; environmental watchdog for Niagara; highway 404 wetland study initiated.

10 | Notes
Learn about wetlands in school; catch Bob on the wing; card of best wishes.

44 | In the Field: Volunteer Projects for Naturalists
Bird observatories; Ontario loon migration watch.

46 | Groundswell
The native question.
By Arlin Hackman


On the cover
14 | Don’t Hibernate!
If the first flurry of snow makes you think someone up there doesn’t like you, think again. Winter has some great natural events.
By Patricia Weese

18 | What’s Red and Green and Found all Over?
To the human eye, water mites can appear endearingly cute – a misapprehension that belies their opportunistic natures.
By David & Norma Barr

24 | In Earliest Spring
Call it the tail-end of winter, or the earliest spring. Either way, the land throbs with an indefatigable resurgence of life.
By Peri McQuay

28 | Eastern Cougar: The Cat That Never Was?
Depending on whether you’re a “lumper” or a “splitter,” our rarest cat is worse that endangered: it may never have existed at all.
By J. David Taylor

ON Nature Magazine Winter 1982 cover

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