4 | Earth Watch
Salamanders vulnerable to acid rain; wetlands: stand up and be counted; grassroots action to stop acid rain; park’s supporters play the Minister’s game; little games on non-game; peregrine falcon returns—home?; new life for American endangered species; caribou news; in recognition of Canadian rivers; nature club to the rescue.

10 | Notes
Minister to speak on parks; defend your environment.

42 | Annual Conference
Report on FON’s Annual Conference.

52 | In the Field: Volunteer Projects for Naturalists
Bird surveys.

54 | Groundswell
To hear a heron cry.
By Ron Reid


On the cover
16 | Homing in on Hawks
At certain spots in Ontario you can watch hawks migrate, spectacularly, by the thousands. Here’s where to go and how to get there.
By Clive E. Goodwin

20 | Bear Encounters
What’s funny about bumping unexpectedly into a wild bear in the woods? Well, providing you live to tell the tale, everything.
By J.D. Taylor

26 | The Last Eagle of Tramp Swamp
Metro Toronto Zoo has a special resident—a year-old bald eagle called Mikisi, rescued as a baby from near death. How he got there is the story.
By Suzanne Kingsmill

32 | Whale-watching in Trinity Bay
Awesome, powerful, gripping: no superlative seems too excessive to describe the experience of rubbing shoulders with these great mammals.
By Lorraine Dumoulin

36 | Sun Dogs & Other Sky Creatures
The interaction of light with ice crystals in the atmosphere can produce an array of startling, delicate, and exquisite sights in the sky.
By J.L. Hunt

ON Nature Magazine Autumn 1982 cover

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