Can we find a way to make highways green? By Caroline Schultz
Peregrine falcons found at Malcolm Bluff Shores; how to nail the perfect picture; on the trail of creeping, crawling and slithering creatures; facing off against the emerald ash borer; a green economy for northern Ontario; First Nations community drafts a landmark watershed declaration.
Highlighting the Couchiching Conservancy; Ron Reid and Janet Grand’s Big Year.
Negotiating with former adversaries comes with a unique set of challenges. By Julee Boan
Neither a glamorous creature nor a pest, the playful tiger beetle is an understudied insect despite its fascinating ways. By Jean Godawa
Transition cities are sprouting up across the province as urban environmentalists prepare for the triple threat of rising energy costs, resource depletion and climate change. By Ivor Tossell
First overfishing, then hydro dams. Lake sturgeon, Ontario’s largest and longest-lived fish, now belongs to one of the most beleaguered groups of animals on the planet. By Peter Christie
We used to toss bricks over the wall at each other. Now, in a groundbreaking alliance, the aggregate sector and conservation groups, led by Ontario Nature, make common cause on a green certification standard for gravel. By Ray Ford
On the cover: A skilled and fearsome hunter, the tiger beetle runs so quickly it experiences temporary blindness.
Photograph by
ON Nature winter 2011 full issue