5 | This issue
Fred Bodsworth: The legacy of a famous author, birder and past president.
By Caroline Schultz

6 | Earth Watch
Citizen scientists make record contributions to Ontario Nature’s atlas; the Christmas Bird Count is about to begin; Ontario Nature gets a new reserve; local food systems in northern Ontario; regional club director Joan Daynard is inspired by nature.

37 | Member Groups  
Spotlight on the Algonquin to Adirondacks Conservation Association.

38 | Last Word
Keep the wild alive.
By Anne Bell


On the cover
18 | A Working Landscape
With support from the conservation community, including Ontario Nature, farmers are creating habitats that benefit both people and wildlife.
By Ray Ford

24 | Splendour in the Park
Ontario Nature member group Friends of the Rouge Watershed spearheaded the fight to transform the Rouge Valley into a national park. But will Ottawa get the conservation principles right?
By Cecily Ross

30 | Alien. Exotic. Dangerous.
Do invasive species deserve their bad reputation? Ontario Nature’s Brendan Larson wonders whether naturalists are fighting the wrong battle.
By Lorraine Johnson

Photos © Jeff Kirk, Tom Rook, Ron Erwin