2 | President’s Page
Saving the natural world—with a little help from your friends.
By Mary E. Smith

5 | Earth Watch
Local residents strongly oppose park in northeast; E.R.C.A. seeks to convert wetland to golf course; “Forests for Tomorrow” up at bat; peregrines nest in Ontario after 20-year absence; O.M.B. decisions show a hint of green; who is protecting this class 1 wetland? Will drawdown restore diversity at Wye Marsh?; plan for Bon Echo a mixed bag; Group of Seven mountain saved from mining.

41 | Conference Report
FON’s 59th Annual Conference, held in Thunder Bay.

44 | Birder’s Notebook
Flocks and fat: how black-caps survive winter.
By Susan Lempriere

46 | Groundswell
Who’s really making the decisions about our forests?
By Marion (Strebig) Taylor


16 | Greening the Land
Ever dream of taking a large piece of land and creating a habitat for wildlife? Meet two naturalists who did so.
By Brad Cundiff

20 | Photo Firsts
Presenting this year’s crop of winners from our Photo Salon, plus the photographers’ reflections on how they got their best shot.

On the cover
24 | Turning the Tide
Shorelines have been stripped and smothered in an attempt to “clean up” waterfront. Here’s how to reverse the process.
By Suzanne Kingsmill

29 | Leapin’ Lizards!
To study five-lined skinks, start early in the morning when they’re cool and sluggish. At least as sluggish as skinks get.
By David Seburn

Seasons autumn 1990 full issue

Photos © John Powell, Judie Shore

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