2 | President’s Page
Refining economic arguments for a cleaner environment.
By Doug Thomas

6 | Earth Watch
Constance Creek: a case study in wetlands loss; protecting the Missinaibi; Matchedash Bay: fooling with mother nature; escarpment becomes biosphere reserve; victory on the Rouge Valley; joint management agreement for Temagami forests; Polar Bear Park management plan up for review; looking at water management structures.

14 | Around Ontario
Green-ups unearth unusual items; help with herons.

41 | Notes
Wetlands program; staff profile—Judy Eising: finding the money to do the job.

44 | Birder’s Notebook
Turkey vultures: ode to an oak tree.
By Kent A. Prior

46 | Groundswell
Wetlands destruction: stop it now.
By Marion Strebig


16 | Bullfrog Blues
The bullfrog’s booming jug-o’-rum is becoming a rare melody. We talk to naturalists and herpetologists to find out why.
By Suzanne Kingsmill

On the cover
20 | Talking Wings
A butterfly’s wings are more than just a key to identification. Here’s what wings can tell you about a butterfly’s life.
By Phil Schappert

26 | Keeping it Whole
Development threatens to rip apart the Oak Ridges Moraine, nature’s water-control centre for southcentral Ontario.
By Brad Cundiff

31 | Zebra Mussels
We’ve lost the battle against this exotic’s invasion of the Great Lakes. Have we learned anything from our mistakes?
By Peter Reschke

Seasons summer 1990 full issue

Photos © John Powell, Donald Gun, Pam E. Hickman, Bill Ivy

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