5 | This Issue
Paper Grows on Trees: Why can’t Seasons be printed on FSC-certified stock?
By Victoria Foote

8 | Earth Watch
Ontario adds 109 OLL sites; fungus could decimate flowering dogwood; invasion of the emerald ash borer; Crothers Woods revival; pesticides in our rivers; government slow to reinstate much needed land tax exemption; rare coastal wetland should be left alone.

15 | The Seasoned Pro
Queen of the Escarpment: CONE founder Lyn MacMillan reflects a lifetime of environmental activism.
By Linda Pim

38 | Field Trip
Moss: The beauty is in the details.
By Michael Simpson

41 | Day One
Are You a Nature Freak? Hitting the road with FON’s canvassers.
By Bruce Gillespie

44 | FON Report
Special honours to escarpment pioneer Len Gertler; FON establishes a new foundation; in praise of life long conservationists.

46 | Endpoint
Is the Migratory Birds Convention Act worth the paper it’s written on?
By John Good


18 | Taking Stock
World Wildlife Fund Canada audits the national conservation scene. Plus: what we can do to protect some of our fragile ecosystems.
By Gregory Beck

22 | Click!
Winners of Seasons’ 2003 nature photo contest.

On the cover
26 | The Wind Option
Generating electricity is the number one cause of air pollution in North America. The solution is all around us.
By Sharon Oosthoek

34 | Bird on a (Live) Wire
Millions of birds are electrocuted each year along power lines.
By Moira Farr

ON Nature Magazine Fall 2003 cover

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