18 | Call of the Wild

Bird calls and songs are giving scientists new insights into avian behaviour and population patterns. How researchers are gathering information for the third Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas by listening. By Brian Banks

24 | The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Woman

Maydianne Andrade, an expert on black widow spiders (and their many cousins), reveals the myths about a misunderstood and maligned Ontario (yes, that is correct) species. By Allan Britnell

28 | Overrun

The COVID-19 pandemic has ignited a back-to-nature movement that is putting pressure on sensitive habitats across Ontario. Too many people outdoors is not the problem; not enough greenspace dedicated for recreation is. By Conor Mihell

38 | Last Word

Ode to Toronto’s Secret Slitherer.

By Gideon Forman

34 | Our Member Groups 

Northern Sanctuaries.

By Lisa Richardson

36 | Our Community  

Conservation Award Winners.

By Ron Corkum

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