5 | This issue
Public defenders.
By Caroline Schultz

6 | Earth Watch
Ratsnake research; our special pollinator spaces; bike trail benefits; south shore success; honouring conservation heroes; collaborating with Indigenous communities.

36 | Member Groups  
A win for the Nottawasaga River.
By Lisa Richardson

37 | Our Community  
Conservation heroes feted.
By Kirsten Dahl

38 | Last Word
Reconciliation through nature protection.
By Anne Bell and Larry McDermott


On the cover
18 | Coyotes’ Bad Rap
The wild canids are increasingly vilified for killing pets and livestock and threatening humans. But are people pointing a finger in the wrong direction?
By Mary Baxter

24 | No Stone Unturned
A new standard for green aggregate production promises to help the environment, local species and nearby communities — even the pits and quarries themselves.
By Ray Ford

30 | On Bat Patrol
In the battle to save Ontario’s threatened bats, researchers are turning to local citizen scientists for help tracking bat habits and numbers. Turns out being a “batman” is a mission with high rewards?
By Allan Britnell

Photos © Robert McCaw, Ken Newcombe, Andrew McLachlan