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tri-colored bumble bee pollinating joe-pye flowers, Credit: Kent McFarland CC BY-NC 2.0

Hello fellow Pollinators,

Having read articles in the spring (Pollinator campaign targets schools) and summer issues (Stratford joins Bee City program) of ON Nature magazine about pollination – I would like to take the opportunity to advise that the Ancient Mariners Canoe Club in Cambridge, Ontario have developed over the past several years a 1-hectare pollination preserve from a previous dog park.

In conjunction with the City Green Team associated with the City of Cambridge, we have developed planting cells each year and continue to be pleased with our efforts. In addition we have hosted senior and school groups promoting pollination through our outdoor education centre .

Our team would be pleased to hear from other groups or individuals who might like a tour or just to talk pollination.

Bob Fraser,


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