5 | This issue
Embracing conservation.
By Caroline Schultz

6 | Earth Watch
Greenbelt protection; city fish; summer camps; naturalist training; bird-friendly coffee; bioslicks; ragweed on the rise; nature reserves 101; another declining bee; bumble bee champion.

36 | Our Community  
Ten thousand hours.

37 | Our Member Groups  
Four new member groups.

38 | Last Word
Carbon emissions, no more free ride.
By Keith Brooks


On the cover
18 | Generation Eco
Can Mariel, Moe and their teenage comrades preserve Ontario’s bees and butterflies? Let’s go inside Ontario Nature’s Youth Council campaign to protect our beleaguered pollinators.
By Allan Britnell

24 | Quercus is King
Biodiversity is on the decline and Ontario’s endangered species list is longer than ever. Wondering what you can do to turn the tide? Plant an oak, the mighty tree of life.
By Colleen Cirillo

28 | Out for Justice
Our Endangered Species Act is itself endangered by a regulation that grants sweeping exemptions to industry. Ontario Nature took the extraordinary step of suing the provincial government to reverse damage done to the once internationally admired act.
By Andrew Reeves

Photos © Sandy Richard CC BY-NC-SA 2.0, Jeff Kirk, Paul Reeves/Shutterstock