5 | This issue
When the going gets tough…
By Caroline Schultz

6 | Earth Watch
Protecting Rouge Park; northern partners; summer outreach; Youth Summit success; trashing Oxford County; Ostrander Point victory.

36 | Our Community  
Chasing trout.

37 | Our Member Groups  
Protecting tallgrass prairie.
By Lisa Richardson

38 | Last Word
To manage biodiversity we need better measuring.
By Dianne Saxe


18 | Under the Snow
Not every creature hibernates or migrates when temperatures drop. For these species, the arrival of winter is when life gets really interesting.
By Allen Britnell

24 | Labourers of Love
From legal defenders to bird rescuers to sprawl fighters, meet five Ontarians whose volunteer work on nature’s behalf is priceless.
By Mai Nguyen

On the cover
30 | The Lady Vanishes
The ladybug you saw last summer is probably not the species you remember from your childhood. How could a once common creature disappear within a few decades?
By Cecily Ross

Photos © Mark Dumont, Todd Ugine, Todd Ugine

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