6 | Earth Watch
Life in the future with the “Greenhouse Effect”; Caccia defends parks policy in Pukaskwa; the good-news greens are coming; conference on wetlands scores promise, not policy; only breeding peregrine shot; 750 moose downed by computer error; coalition on acid rain drafts INCO clean-up plan; hydro power transmission route under fire; municipal board fells Warbler Woods; McIlwraith nature club and MNR sign agreement to conduct inventory in Skunk’s Misery woodlot.

13 | Notes
Acid rain appeal a success, Crieff Bog suffering overuse; information sought on gyrfalcons.

67 | In the Field: Volunteer Projects for Naturalists
Ontario breeding bird atlas.

70 | Groundswell
The Bruce Peninsula, the FON, and the role of stewardship.
By Judith Parsons


On the cover
3 | Introduction
A special issue celebrating the Bruce Peninsula.
By Judith Parsons

18 | Beckoned by the Bruce
How a Toronto business executive came to seek, find, and love the special landscape known as the Bruce.
By Bill Caulfield-Browne

25 | Genesis of a Land
A concise overview of events that created the Bruce over 500 million years ago, and how it has fared at the hand of man.
By Elaine Jaques

33 | Time Odyssey
A one-day driving tour across the ancient peninsula, encountering on the way an unrivalled diversity of scenes.
By Mike Singleton

40 | Orchids, Orchids, Orchids
Bedecked and bedizened with fabulous, tropical-looking wild orchids, the Bruce rivals the Garden of Eden for beauty.
By Joe Johnson

44 | Birding on the Bruce
Hundreds of species of birds revel in the sheer variety of Bruce habitats, making birdwatching there a rare treat.
By Eric Nasmith

46 | Life in the Fast Lane
The fast lane here is found in the cold, rich, rushing waters of Bruce brooks. Tells the reader how to dip-in and enjoy.
By David Barr

50 | Creep, Hop & Slither
Conquer your reluctance to uncover the world of “herps.” The Bruce fairly crawls with them, all down at ground level.
By Elaine Jaques

54 | The FON’s Nature Reserves
As special as the Bruce is, a lot of it has been developed. Hence our precious reserves, where nature rules supreme.
By Stewart Hilts

ON Nature Magazine Spring 1984 cover

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