8 | Earth Watch
Ontario guts more environmental laws; faster action needed for species at risk; the sorry saga or Monarchs and Milkweed; municipality stands up for the Escarpment; Ontario’s new Planning Act in effect; wildlife is more than “game and fish”; update on blear-bear hunting; manage your woodlot for wildlife.

38 | Insider
Custodians wanted; FON writing inventory how-to manual; results from FON’s Annual Conference in Sault Ste. Marie.

42 | Reflections
Job prospects.
By Graham Bryan


On the cover
14 | Habitat for the Hardy
Scorching heat, numbing cold, parched dryness, prolonged flooding—life is harsh for the plants and animals that make their homes on alvars.
By Ron Reid

23 | Picture Perfect
Presenting the winners of our 1996 Photo Contest.

26 | Back to the Future
Using forest remains and old surveys, ecologists reconstruct our vanished woodlots to help create the forests of tomorrow.
By Mark Stabb

Seasons autumn 1996 full issue

Photos © Don Johnson

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