18 | The Forgotten Fruit

Few people have heard of it. Fewer still have tasted it. The pawpaw, Ontario’s mango, has a rich Indigenous history but a vulnerable future in the province. By Jade Prévost-Manuel

22 | The Scoop on the Buzz

The whining, chirping, whirring and buzzing of insects are indelible parts of Ontario’s summer soundscape. Here is how grasshoppers, cicadas, crickets and katydids fill backyards and meadows with song. By Lesley Grant

28 | What is Eating Ontario’s Forest Floors?

The earthworms that are welcome in people’s gardens are wreaking havoc on forests. How did Ontario become filled with invasive worm species? By Ian Coutts

38 | Last Word

There is no good type of disposable waste

By Melina Damian

Cucumber magnolia

34 | Our Member Groups 

A tree for every resident in Halton Hills.

By Lisa Richardson

36 | Our Community  

Hydro One is giving back to nature.

By Kayla Salive

Mike in Orangeville Hydro One pollinator-friendly hydro corridor

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