4 | President’s Page
By Robert B. Stewart

5 | Earth Watch
Conservation groups exert pressure: dam proposal for Missinaibi dropped; environmental assessment slapped on road extension; sobering facts on acid rain; federal study released on proposed Bruce Park; good news comes out of parks conference; nonconforming uses in this wilderness park?

13 | Notes
Atlas winding up; updates on education and wetlands programs; trips and tours; two more clubs come on board.

47 | In the Field: Volunteer Projects for Naturalists
Ontario nest records scheme.


18 | Short, Silky & Stinky: Mustelids
How to track down (or sniff out) weasels, skunks, otters, mink and marten—especially in winter.
By Pamela M. Hickman

24 | Making the Most of Spring Migration
The birds will soon be back, many before the winter is over. It’s time to gear up for the event.
By Brian Morin

34 | Minesing: A Wetland for all Seasons
Discovering the riches of this vast swamp, no matter what the time of year. Go on foot, by canoe or on snowshoes.
By John Sparling

On the cover
48 | One Wilderness, Two Points of View
A winter in northern Ontario, in the company of trappers, leads this naturalist to rethink her view of “the wild.”
By Suzanne Kingsmill

Wildlife vignettes from a Field Naturalist’s Seasonal Diary.

17 | The Secret Life of Firewood. Look carefully before burning it.
23 | Nature’s Yuletide Adornments. They beat man-made baubles.
33 | Seekers of Safety. Ontario’s hares and rabbits.
53 | Cold Snaps Shape Our Wildlife. Adaptations to extreme cold.

ON Nature Magazine Winter 1985 cover

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