2 | President’s Page
Local nature trusts for Ontario?
By Doug Thomas

7 | Earth Watch
Eagles beware: Jack Miner Act given priority over Endangered Act; proposed wetlands policy statement unveiled; Ontario to notify those eligible for land-tax rebate; forest decline conference.

13 | Around Ontario
Rouge Valley: landfill, no. Highway, maybe; Creditview Bog: council passes the buck; Lake Superior Park plan under review; eagle nest: what is adequate protection?; “Against the Pit” fights the powers that be—and wins; Westmeath: what kind of park?; Guelph Naturalists release peregrines.

40 | Notes
Notice of proposed bylaw amendments; improvements and research at FON’s nature reserves; welcoming Temiskaming Field Naturalists and Upper Credit Naturalists.

46 | Groundswell
Ignorance and prejudice smother the facts about bats and DDT.
By Marion Strebig


17 | Unleaded Ducks
To reduce lead poisoning of waterfowl, the U.S. will ban lead shot for waterfowl hunting. And Canada?
By Christoper McGuckin

On the cover
20 | Crossley Then and Now
At FON’s Crossley Nature Reserve in Muskoka, exploring the present also means discovering the past.
By John Ladell

24 | The Changing Atmosphere: Implications for Ontario
How global climate change will affect Ontario’s natural environment. Plus how you can help fight atmospheric pollution.
By Ian R. Kirkham

28 | Sharp-shin Portraits
In a decade of working with sharpies, the author has become well-acquainted with this dashing little brigand of the air.
By Bruce Duncan

ON Nature Magazine Winter 1988 cover

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