8 | Earth Watch
Calling a halt to the spring bear hunt; Bats only—no gate-crashers allowed; voice of support for the escarpment plan; sustainable-forest plan tested; a chance to protect roadless wilderness; Canada and Mexico protect monarchs; J. Murray Speirs Ecological Reserve is created; update on Presqu’ile plan.

42 | Insider
Introducing Eco-net; Petrel Points boardwalk build.

46 | Reflections
A canoeist’s thoughts in February.
By M.T. Kelly


On the cover
16 | Feeding the Birds
What are the effects of this popular activity on bird and other wildlife populations?
By Dan Schneider

22 | A Superior Park
There are many ways to experience Lake Superior Provincial Park, all of them memorable.
By Margaret Carney

28 | Big Blue: Secrets of Survival
Why is the blue racer found on Pelee Island and nowhere else in Canada?
By Ben Porchuk

34 | Game of Letters
Writing letters to government ministers need not be drudgery. Here’s how to have fun along the way.
By Ron Reid

Seasons winter 1995 full issue

Photos © M.J. Oldham, Willy Waterton, Sean O’Neill

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