5 | View from Locke House
Who knew we had reserves?
By Nancy Clark

6 | Earth Watch
A deadly harvest for monarch butterflies?; kids interact with nature at the ROM; group advocates better wolf protection; coalition fights for Richmond Hill Moraine; naturalists rescue rare praire.

17 | This Season
Veteran activist Bruce Hyer is still stirring up trouble.
Interview by Victoria Foote

41 | FON Campaign
Southern Ontario’s woodlands are disappearing fast. What can be done about it?
By Andrea Kettle

43 | Insider
Cyclist raises funds for FON; Kinghurst forest celebrated and Howard Krug remembered.

46 | Reflections
A tragic romance between a pintail and a mallard.
By R.K. Wilson


On the cover
22 | Secret Worlds Revealed
The FON’s reserve system protects important natural areas across the province. We highlight five great reserves.
By Graham Bryan

26 | What was Found in the Burn
In the winter of 1999, more than 20,000 black-backed woodpeckers were discovered south of Armstrong. What were they doing there?
By Margaret Carney

32 | On Ice
Contemplating the sounds of winter while climbing a 40-metre frozen waterfall near Orient Bay.
By Cathy Alex

Seasons winter 1999 full issue

Photos © Jim Flynn, Robert McCaw

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