5 | View from Locke House
Holding back the concrete at Leslie and the 401.
By Nancy Clark

6 | Earth Watch
Picton watershed saved; after Lands for Life: what now?; Rondeau Bay kept clean; reduce emissions: car share; compost this; 31 additional species now at risk; Lyme disease vaccine approved; Pickering signs easement deal; new report helps local governments protect birds; MNR’s clearcutting policies under fire.

18 | This Season
Why Mike Nemeroski wants to save the chestnut tree — plus a roundup of tree diseases.
By Brad Cundiff

37 | Insider
Hard work ahead says conference speakers.

46 | Reflections
How to photograph a weasel.
By Robert McCaw


On the cover
22 | Hiking the Oak Ridges Moraine
The Oak Ridges Moraine offers a cool autumn retreat from Toronto’s urban sprawl.
By Lorraine Johnson

27 | Hot Shots
A gallery of winning photos from Seasons’ 1999 photo contest.

31 | The Untouchables
Five beautiful but poisonous plants.
By Richard Aaron

Seasons autumn 1999 full issue

Photos © Linda Baker, Richie Tripp, Andrew Leyerle

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