4 | Earth Watch
Federal wildlife guidelines aim to please; MNR weakens on wetlands; MNR fails to defend Alfred Bog; Pukaskwa is officially a National Park; final proposed plan submitted for Niagara escarpment; land use guidelines released; acid rain campaign turns a corner; MNR Obonga Road appealed to environment minister; bald eagles return to Lake Erie.

11 | Notes
London Naturalists establish conservation area; bluebirds find refuge; good works by Presqu’ile-Brighton Naturalists.

36 | Annual Conference
Report on FON’s Annual Conference.

44 | In the Field: Volunteer Projects for Naturalists
Reporting bird sightings.

46 | Groundswell
On Parks: What good is a guideline?
By Arlin Hackman


14 | New Parks for Ontario
Our new parks are cause for celebration—despite the fact our parks system remains incomplete and its promise unfulfilled.
By Arlin Hackman

On the cover
16 | Master of Wind and Wave
Commonly but erroneously known as “sea gulls,” gulls have lately had bad press. This article redresses the balance.
By Elaine Jaques

23 | Outdoor Education (Part II): Starting Young
A personal analysis of what constitutes “outdoor education” in Ontario. A must if you have children and care about this earth.
By J. David Taylor

30 | Endangered Species Update
Intended to give the reader both a fast primer and an up-to-date report on plants and animals threatened with extinction.
By Pamela Hickman

Seasons autumn 1983 full issue

Photos © George Peck, Ralph Morris

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