5 | This issue
Nature’s bond.
By Caroline Schultz

6 | Earth Watch
Protecting grasslands; softshell turtle refuge; hog-nosed havens; pollinator protection; advancing citizen science; from wasteland to reserve; snapping turtle sorrows; Anne Bell reflects.

36 | Our Member Groups  
Celebrating 25 years of rainforest conservation.
By Lisa Richardson

37 | Our Community  
Ontario Nature’s honour roll.

38 | Last Word
Foraging for the future.
By Mallory Vanier


On the cover
18 | Could We Lose the Moose?
Highly vulnerable to climate change, the moose is in steep decline across North America Can the Ontario population adapt in time?
By Brad Badelt

24 | A Watershed Moment
The proposal to expand the Greenbelt to protect water in southern Ontario is raising awareness of the true value about this fundamental resource—and its vulnerability.
By Conor Mihell

30 | A Birder to Watch
She has won a prestigious birding award. She is an accomplished nature illustrator and a tireless conservation volunteer. At 17 years old, Caroline Biel is just getting started.
By Julia Zarankin

Photos © Noah Cole, Robert McCaw, Don Johnston

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