5 | In This Issue
Volunteers. A vital investment in times of change.
By Graham Bryan

6 | Earth Watch
New wildlife act in place; spring bear hunt cancelled; wolves threatened in Pukaskwa; Creditview Wetland bought from developers; Rouge tributary protected under “historic” accord; grapes, not cottages.

19 | This Season
Elementary school teacher Eileen Conroy believes if kids understand the little things in nature, the big things will get looked after too.
By Richard Griffith

39 | Insider
President’s message: Loud and clear on Lands for Life; Kingston Field Naturalists host 1999 FON conference.

46 | Reflections
Watching for the elusive woodcock becomes a passion.
By Emily Burton


22 | Under the Blue
Exotic species, pollution reductions and time make changes to the underwater worlds of the Great Lakes basin.
By David Gilchrist

On the cover
26 | Alien Invasions: Ontario’s Ever-changing Bugscape
The Asian long-horned beetle is just one of the better-know immigrants on a list that gets longer every day.
By Steve Marshall

30 | Birding the Bruce
A southern Ontario naturalist finds a slice of the north when he visits the Bruce Peninsula during spring migration.
By Dan Schneider

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Photos © Robert McCaw, Steve Marshall

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