Conservation politics and a treasured landscape. By Caroline Schultz
A win for wildlife: The Bruce Trail Conservancy secures more of the Niagara Escarpment; the great outdoors: having a field day with conservation staff; we object: the Province allows hunting at-risk snapping turtles; pleased to meet you: Chris Rathgeber, treasurer for Ontario Nature’s Board of Directors.
Shelly Candel sponsors Ontario Nature’s young Nature Guardians.
Conservationists and cattlemen join forces to protect a threatened species. By Ron Reid
From rugged coastlines to old-growth forests to orchid-carpeted swamplands, Ontario Nature’s reserves protect the province’s most imperilled wild spaces. By Brian Banks
On the 10-year anniversary of the protection plan for one of southern Ontario’s most treasured landscapes, Ontario Nature and fellow environmentalists concede that the fight for the moraine is not over yet. By Peter Gorrie
The disappearance of the exquisite Karner blue butterfly signalled significant declines in Ontario’s rare oak savannah habitat. Undaunted, some naturalists believe the brilliantly coloured insect
can still make a comeback. By Peter Christie
Unabashed tree lover Diana Beresford-Kroeger declares that forests hold the key to combating climate change and curing a multitude of ailments including cancer. By Conor Mihell
On the cover: Home to hundreds of species of trees, flowers, birds, reptiles and mammals, the Oak Ridges Moraine is a hotspot for biodiversity and a direct water source for some 250,000 people. Photograph by Kim Lowes

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