4 | Earth Watch
The insecticide/chemical backlash: losing ground to the mosquito; Mr Pope: where are our promised parks?; will the forester’s axe fall on South Moresby?; fish used to test pollution level; Quebec moves to limit acid rain; the dynamite politics of wetlands; monarch habitat saved; bird atlas nears home stretch.

10 | Notes
Plan for Youth Summer Camp now; a conservation class cares…; rowdy raccoons?; study shows environment laws favour large firms; international symposium of acidic precipitation.

28 | In the Field: Volunteer Projects for Naturalists
Winter dispersal of snow buntings; Ontario Bird Feeder survey; Long Point Bird Observatory.

30 | Groundswell
Caught in the insanity of what passes for forest management in Ontario.
By Arlin Hackman


14 | Forty Days & Forty Nights
A backgrounder to Ontario floods, or what happens when the rain doesn’t stop. Monitoring the diaster potential.
By Charles Billington

20 | Abandoned
One baby bittern arriving on the doorstep is one thing, two quite another—especially when one is a total grouch.
By Kit Chubb

24 | There’s No Flea Like a Snow Flea
If you think of winter as bug-free, think again. The tiny flea-like springtail keeps the season jumping.
By Timothy Nowicki

ON Nature Magazine Winter 1984 cover

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