4 | Earth Watch
Conservation wins the day for the Niagara Escarpment; the ultimate ecological crisis; can conservation cure cancer?; illegal wildlife trade dealt a major blow; Ontario’s environmental laws to be scrutinized; good news and bad from wildlife conference; the American black duck: going, going…; latest picture on soil looks black; battle for use of Leslie St. spit heats up.

10 | Notes
Carolinian Canada project; Banff Park’s centennial.

14 | Annual Report
Report on FON’s Annual Conference, held in Kitchener-Waterloo.

27 | In the Field: Volunteer Projects for Naturalists
Sightings of colour-banded gyrfalcons; atlas of herpetofauna; sightings of reptiles and amphibians in Metro Toronto; surveys of mammals, reptiles and amphibians in the District of Muskoka; sightings of colour-marked shorebirds; international shorebird survey.

38 | Groundswell
Selling trees from Rondeau imperils Park’s integrity.
By Arlin Hackman


16 | Mink Eulogy
In the overall scheme of things, the untimely death of a young mink may not matter—except to one woman who cared.
By Joan McGuffin

19 | Nature Notes
Wildlife vignettes for the reader on the run, starring flying squirrels, short-tailed shrews, saw-whet owls and bird feeders.
By Ron Reid

22 | The Forest and the Trees
An introductory guide to identifying some common types of mature forest in southern Ontario. Trees made easy.
By Charles Billington

31 | Stalking a Wetland Policy
Trying to extract (coax, squeeze) a wetland policy from government makes teeth-pulling look easy.
By Judith Parsons & Nancy Patterson

Seasons autumn 1984 full issue

Photos © Thom Sunega, John Shaw, Isidor Jeklin

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