2 | President’s Page
By Charles Pryer

4 | Earth Watch
Ontario cabinet must veto non-conforming uses in provincial parks; three dams proposed for Magpie River; update on Backus Woods; resolution calls for timber harvests on authority lands; more acid rain run-around; citizens’ hearings on Great Lakes water pollution; Ministry of the Environment announces it will get tougher; Wye Centre marks first year as private citizen; billion-dollar plan for waterfowl launched; saving the world’s rarest tree; reducing junk mail.

12 | Notes
Updates on environmental, wetlands and education programs; list of FON nature clubs; FON’s educational videos.

30 | In the Field: Volunteer Projects for Naturalists
Long Point Bird Observatory; Prince Edward Point Observatory; Toronto Bird Observatory.

47 | Groundswell
Turning off the flow of pollutants into Ontario’s waters.
By Mike Singleton


17 | Life After Death in the Forest
While it is decomposing, a log is very much alive with small, well-hidden and hard-working plants and animals.
By Pamela M. Hickson

24 | Bats: Little Brown, Big Brown & Red
Biologists are beginning to pinpoint differences in how these three Ontario species feed, roost and hibernate.
By M. Brock Fenton

32 | Woodland Caribou
A profile of this vast wilderness park, which lies in one of the biologically least known areas of Ontario.
By Daniel Brunton


Wildlife vignettes from a Field Naturalist’s Seasonal Diary.
23 | The Invincible Ragweed. Scourge of autumn.
41 | When Fleas Come Home. How to remove these univited guests.
44 | Red Squirrels. It’s time to collect a cache of cones.
45 | Bring on the Staghorns. Anyone for sumac lemonade?

Seasons autumn 1986 full issue

Photos © Thom Sunega, Judie Shore, Robert McCaw

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