4 | Earth Watch
Decision on cottages in provincial parks shirks responsibility; agreement in principle reached on Bruce Park; national marine park policy announced; watercourse edge policy deserves emulation; Baskerville report released; Ellesmere Island National Park created at last; securing Ontario wetlands; untaxing nature; trumpeter swan project chalks up best year yet; ospreys and bald eagles continue their comeback.

34 | Notes
Update on Trips & Tours program; celebrities, birds and nature.

36 | In the Field: Volunteer Projects for Naturalists
Mid-January waterfowl inventory; bird banding; winter dispersal of snow buntings.

46 | Groundswell
Timber Class EA: A rare opportunity to scrutinize forestry practices.
By Don Huff and R.J. Payne


On the cover
18 | A Garden for Wildlife
You don’t have to go far to enjoy a variety of critters. Create an oasis for wildlife in your own backyard.
By John Ladell

24 | Stewartville Swamp
Abundant orchids and a magnificant cedar forest are the drawing cards of the FON’s newest nature reserve.
By Suzanne Kingsmill

28 | Stalking the Wall Rue
Notes from a bicycle tour of the Bruce by a budding naturalist.
By Jaroslav Zenchuk

40 | Troubled Waters
Lake Simcoe struggles to recover from the devastation of phosphorus pollution.
By Ron Reid

Seasons winter 1986 full issue

Photos © Thom Sunega, Robert C. Simpson, Wayne Lankinen

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