5 | This issue
A vote for nature.
By Caroline Schultz

7 | Earth Watch
Tree planting program saved, How to photograph a bumble bee, Wetland protection in Ontario, Photo contest winner unveiled, And more…

36 |Our Member Groups  
Soaring into the fall.
By Noah Cole

37 | Our Community  
Wetland gift creates a powerful legacy.
By Kirsten Dahl

38 | Last Word
Vote for the place you love.
By Gideon Forman


On the cover
18 | Lest We Forget
Do Ontarians still remember what true wilderness looks like? Lake Superior’s north shore offers a much-needed reminder.
By Conor Mihell

24 | The Leafy Viking
Norway maples may be pretty but they are greedy and fast-spreading, pushing out native trees from Ontario’s woodlands and putting entire ecosystems at risk. Is it time for a ban?
By Don Scallen

30 | The Boar War
Wild pigs are on the move in Ontario’s countryside, leaving a trail of habitat destruction and agricultural damage. But there is still time to stop the invaders before they go hog wild.
By Ray Ford

Photos © Conor Mihell, David Jackson, Conor Mihell