5 | In This Issue
The birth of new parks, but the slow demise of conservation areas?
By Nancy Clark

6 | Earth Watch
Forest Accord underpins Lands for Life deal; Ottawa risks species-at-risk; Arnprior residents bid for old-growth forest; survey suggests decline in forest birds; efforts to save softshell turtle slow but steady.

19 | This Season
Activist and zoologist Mary Gartshore stands up for wild lands.
By Victoria Foote

42 | Insider
Landing Lands for Life: How it happened; local involvement key to Important Bird Area project; conference tackles southern woodlands conservation.

46 | Reflections
Painting monster pines in Temagami.
By Tim Yearington


22 | Promised Lands
With the conclusion of the Lands for Life process, Ontario doubles its parks system.
By Brad Cundiff

26 | Paddle Tales
Eight modern-day voyageurs tackle the French and Pickerel rivers.
By Tamsen Tillson

On the cover
32 | Erosion Control
Since the budget cuts of 1996, conservation authorities keep themselves afloat anyway they can.
By Sophie Kneisel

Seasons summer 1999 full issue

Photos © Marcos Chin, Richie Tripp

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