4 | Earth Watch
How to save the world; protect eagles, kill whales: U.S. study reveals surprising attitudes; swan song of the whales: the last gasp? no crown for Mother Nature in latest Throne Speech; the Niagara Escarpment: the crunch cometh; poisoned fish: some qualified good news; Copeland Forest: a government venture into commercial logging; local nature club tackles regional politics… and wins; new high for kites; hamburgers from heaven; Kawarthas get new conservation authority.

9 | Notes
Wetlands update; the Sportmen’s Fund: dollars that count; Highway 89: environmental assessment at work.

53 | In the Field: Volunteer Projects for Naturalists
Bird observatories; seasonal summeries of bird-watching observations; sightings of colour-marked shorebirds.

54 | Groundswell
Saving the pieces.
By Ron Reid


14 | Ontario Parks: The Challenge of the ’80s
Declining acquisition of new park land reflects the government’s conviction that the public no longer cares. Is it right?
By Ron Reid

On the cover
18 | Vulture!
Though few of us will ever feel more than grudging admiration for this bird, it deserves recognition for a specialized job well done.
By Peter Reschke

22 | Adopt a Stream
The “adopt a stream” concept is centuries old. But its implementation today is saving thousands of streams from abuse and neglect.
By Sheelagh Walmsley

26 | Our Tormented Rivers
Degradation of our waterways began with pioneers. Not only haven’t we learned from past mistakes, we continue to make more.
By Allan Wainio

32 | Greening at the Water’s Edge
A healthy streambank sustains life both in the water and at its edge. With care and imagination, you can make a sick bank well.
By Judith Parsons

38 | The Gentle Art of Fish-watching
Fish-watching can be both satisfying and inspiring — for you as well as the fish. This summer, keep your eye on the fins.
By Anker Odum

45 | The Fly Fisherman as Naturalist
The challenge in this sport is having some highly specialized knowledge of insects, fish and streams, and being able to tie a fly.
By Phillip Kettle

ON Nature Magazine Summer 1980 cover

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