6 | Earth Watch
Red Hill Valley road goes through an Environmentally Significant Area; purple loosestrife news; Ontario’s new protected areas; breeding trumpeter swans; Niagara plan changes hands; Presqui’le plan looks for public input.

13 | This Season
A black fly specialist takes the sting out of June.
By Margaret Webb

41 | Insider
Preserving Lyal Island; 350 tires removed from Crozier Nature Reserve.

46 | Reflections
Soaring with the butterflies was not going to be easy…
By David Gibo


On the cover
16 | The Pretty, the Rare and the Ugly
A butterfly tour of Point Pelee.
By Tim Sabo

24 | Don’t Cry Wolf
Civilization has had Ontario’s woodland caribou on the run for the past 100 years. Now logging may be eliminating the caribou’s last safe refuge from wolves.
By Harold Cumming

30 | The Salt-Marsh Desert
The vast Hudson Bay coastline has come up against a feather-weight opponent, and it’s losing.
By Robert Preidt and Margaret Webb

Seasons summer 1997 full issue

Photos © Harold Cumming, Gary Crandall, Tony Bech

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