5 | This issue
Decision Time: We need to stop the ongoing degradation of our fresh water.
By Victoria Foote

8 | Earth Watch
Join the spring owl survey; protest the Red Hill Creek Expressway; stop the quarry in rare bird habitat; protect the escarpment from development.

15 | Profile
The Riverkeeper: Lara Van Loon and the Ottawa waterkeepers chase down the river’s worst offenders.
By Lisa Keller

30 | Being There
Welcome to the Swamp: Look out for wigeons, gadwells, green herons, dragon’s mouth orchids and more.
By Wayne Grady

34 | Urban Nature
Where Does the Rain Go? Down the sewers and into the lake; then back again and out your tap. Ever wonder what’s been picked up along the way?
By Sharon Oosthoek

38 | Field Trip
Orchids in Ontario.
By Marilyn Anions

44 | Inside Ontario Nature
Ontario Nature supporter receives Order of Canada; protecting your privacy; Julyan Mulock’s most generous gift.

46 | Last Word
Sparing the Rod: Industrial water pollution laws are in place, but no one is enforcing them.
By Elaine MacDonald


18 | The Water Issue
We’ve heard the talk; now it’s time for the province to move on the “water front”.
By Gregor G. Beck

On the cover
20 | Paddle to the Sea
Gary and Joanie McGuffin spent four months paddling across the Great Lakes Heritage Coast where they saw vistas of breathtaking beauty next to the sights and sounds of industrial activity. Who, on must ask, is protecting our water?
By Joanie McGuffin

26 | Sydenham River Revival
Polluted, degraded and left for dead, the Sydenham River is currently undergoing a multi-step recovery program. But is the rescue mission too late?
By Matthew Barron

ON Nature spring 2004 full issue

Photos © Ron Erwin, Gary McGuffin

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