5 | President’s Page
By Robert B. Stewart

6 | Earth Watch
The urgent need to stop the unfair taxing of lands in their natural state; more shining new parks for the provincial system; latest news on Niagara Escarpment a mixed bag; FON’s report on special wetlands new complete.

10 | Notes
Updates on education and wetlands programs; trips and nature tours; seniors for nature.

15 | In the Field: Volunteer Projects for Naturalists
Birds of Durham region; birds of Algonquin Park; birds of Lambton county; birds of Moosonee; changes in birdlife of western Rainy River district; unusual breeding birds of Turkey Point & St Williams reforestation areas.


On the cover
18 | Backus Woods: One Man’s Carolinian Canada
A true appreciation of the Carolinian zone comes from intimacy with its special places — places like Backus Woods.
By Michael Bradstreet

22 | Exploring Canada’s Deep South
A journey through time: the creation of the zone’s balmy climate and diverse habitats, and the wealth of wildlife that remains.
By Ron Reid

35 | The Carolinian Canada Conservation Strategy
Each of us has a part to play in this bold masterplan to preserve the natural treasures of southwestern Ontario.
By Steven Price

45 | Private Landowners: The Landowner Contact Project
A mammoth undertaking to stimulate private conservation among the owners of exceptional Carolinian natural areas.
By Elaine Jaques

47 | Private Landowners: Private Stewardship
How rural property owners can keep their land productive while protecting our priceless Carolinian natural heritage.
By Stewart Hilts

50 | “Rich with vegetation, & flowers of loveliest dye”
The Carolinian zone is overflowing with trees and flowers — many unusual, others merely spectacular.
By Rose Klinkenberg

54 | Creatures in Peril
These remarkable Carolinian species — each rare, threatened, or endangered — urgently need our help.
By David Love

Seasons summer 1985 full issue

Photos © Brian Klinkenberg, Hans Blohm

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