2 | President’s Page
Conservation at many levels.
By John Cartwright

7 | Earth Watch
Five years and $20 million later, it’s business as usual; signs of rebirth for the Ontario park system; wetlands home to Black Terns—and treated effluent; revisions to Escarpment Plan go to cabinet; sustainable forestry gets a boost; is draft strategy for moraine strong enough?; developers attack environmental protection policy.

41 | Notes
New display highlights shorelines; FON launches agricultural revegetation project; naturalists conduct peregrine survey; FON to develop bird conservation strategy; wanted: shorebird enthusiasts.

45 | Birder’s Notebook
Diving ducks and the zebra mussel banquet.
By Richard Knapton

47 | Groundswell
Welcoming the whitethroat: Notes from Grey County.
By Marion Taylor


14 | Not Your Common Crayfish
A crayfish is just a crayfish, right? Wrong! There’s an abundance of species—if you know where to look.
By David Barr

On the cover
20 | Born to Burn
Our deep fear of fire interferes with forests’ ecological need to burn. What are the consequences for our park system?
By Bill Addison

26 | The Young Bubble-Maker
The spittlebug youngster blows bubbles out its back end to create a portable home.
By Steve Marshall

30 | The Edible Wild
This summer, invite nature into your kitchen. Responsible advice on savouring wild plants.
By Viki Mather

Seasons summer 1994 full issue

Photos © Bill Ivy, Ministry of Natural Resources

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