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Plastic litter and plastic debris along Woodbine Beach

It came as no surprise to me that smoking detritus topped “Canada’s Dirty Dozen,” the littering list featured in Janice Weaver’s “The Beachcombers” [Autumn 2007]. I have been observing the sneaky little habits of smokers since the sixties and long ago concluded that smoking is like a PhD course in littering. Smokers not only rationalize […]

Wheels of progress

ATVs driving through wetland via trail

Re: “Some tough love” [Summer 2008] As was illustrated in Edward Keenan’s “Some tough love” [Summer 2008], ATVs are a controversial topic. As landowners of a 2,100-hectare forest on the Oak Ridges Moraine, it goes without saying that we are very aware of them. I would like to take this opportunity to provide an update […]

Flying Squirrels

Land Before Time feature article ON Nature Magazine Spread

In the article “Land before time” [Summer 2007], it is stated that “the northern flying squirrel, a creature typical of northern boreal forests, reach their southern limits in the [Frontenac] arch.” This statement, as I read it, is not correct. The northern flying squirrel is found farther south than the Frontenac Arch. In Ontario, the […]

Adaptive behaviour

Re: “Deadwood forest” [Autumn 2006] The print and broadcast coverage of this spring’s garlic mustard story was disheartening, to say the least. Dawn Bazely, a York University biologist and an expert on invasive plants, has been keeping a close eye on garlic mustard for more than a decade, watching as it marches inland from the […]

Fine dining

fresh homegrown garlic

Re: “Fine dining” [Autumn 2006] You are to be congratulated on your outstanding Autumn 2006 issue, which focuses on the important relationship between food production and ecology. As a retired social science teacher and as an organic farmer with 37 years of experience, I know how critical it is for people of all ages to […]